Audit Hook

Hooks are a way to have trigger-like capabilities in lightblue that span any datastore. Lightblue provides at least one hook for auditing changes to data. There is a set of core capabilities around hooks that is provided with core lightblue.

The Audit Hook is a specific hook implementation that can be used to track changes to an entity's data over time. This document covers how to configure the audit hook for an entity to track a subset of fields. It uses the country entity used in openshift-lightblue-cart.

Source for the audit hook is in the lightblue-audit-hook repository.

Covered in this chapter:

  • Configure Audit Hook Parser - enabling audit hook
  • Initial Metadata - base metadata without hooks
  • Audit All Changes - audit all changes to the entity
  • Audit Subset of Changes - restrict what is audited with a projection

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