JSON Style Guide


The objective of this document is to define some general standards for the JSON and JSON Schema design but there are also some strict rules to keep a good quality and make the maintenance easier. Another style guide definition that this article was inspired in Google JSON Style Guide which introduce many recommendations that they follow internally and follows the standards from http://www.json.org/ .

Note: This article is a draft. The contents may change without any warranty

The Standards

Field/Property Name Format

It is recommend to use the camelCase (instead of any other practices like snake_case ) as a single practice helps to improve the maintenance. Try to avoid name conflict putting meaningful details into the name (following the camelCase). We strongly suggest to use a letter as the first character, other characters might bring some doubts (specially for someone not familiar with JSON/JSON Schema, which might think that something that starts with $ or _ is a special property from JSON/JSON Schema). It is also recommended the arrays types should have plural names which makes more readable JSON/JSON Schema. The schema/object might use description to make a better documentation about it and help future maintainer.

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