Unit Testing: FAQ

How do I keep some hooks, but not all?

Override the getHooksToRemove() method to return a Set<String> containing the hook names you with to keep. Or if you want to keep all of them, just an empty set or null.

How do I stop access from always being set to 'anyone'?

Override the isGrantAnyoneAccess() method to return false.

Note: This is an all or nothing switch.

How do I use a different datasources.json, lightblue-metadata.json, or lightblue-crud.json?

Override any or all of the following methods as needed to return the JsonNode that you want used by the suite.

  • getLightblueCrudJson()
  • getLightblueMetadataJson()
  • getDatasourcesJson()

How do I set the 'datasource' to always being the same for production metadata that needs to interact with test metadata?

AbstractCRUDTestController and AbstractMongoCRUDTestController actually do this somewhat differently.

If sub-classing the first, then override the getDatasource() method.

If the latter, then set the "mongo.datasource" system property to the datastore name you wish to use. This ensures the all places substitution is used gets correctly set.

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