Configure Audit Hook Parser

By default, no hooks are enabled. To enable the audit hook the metadata mediator needs to be configured. This is done by adding the desired hook configuration parser to the lightblue-metadata.json file in your lightblue module. These parsers are configured by adding a property hookConfigurationParsers that has an array of strings that are the full class names of each of the parsers.

An example configuration that has just the audit hook configration parser:

    "documentation": [
        "type - REQURED - the class implementing MetadataConfiguration interface",
        "hookConfigurationParsers - REQUIRED - array of classes implementing HookConfigurationParser interface",
        "The remainder of the file is parsed by the implementation class"
    "type": "com.redhat.lightblue.mongo.config.MongoMetadataConfiguration",
    "hookConfigurationParsers": ["com.redhat.lightblue.hook.audit.AuditHookConfigurationParser"],
    "dataSource": "metadata",
    "collection": "metadata"

Note, if you use Puppet and Hiera, set the following in your Hiera hierarchy somewhere:

    - com.redhat.lightblue.hook.audit.AuditHookConfigurationParser

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