Install on OpenShift

Create an OpenShift Account

If you don't have an OpenShift account, don't worry. It's FREE!

Check out this Getting Started guide provided by OpenShift.

Install lightblue 1.1+

With the lightblue-openshift-cart (a downloadable cart) it's really simple to install lightblue. For now, I'm documenting the way to do it with the rhc command.

rhc app create -a <YOUR APP NAME>

That's it. This deploys JBoss EAP and MongoDB then installs and configures lightblue. After this command completes you have a working instance of lightblue! Check out the at the root of your gear's source for some quick things to do to try out lightblue and links to documentation, forums, and source.

Install lightblue SNAPSHOT

If you want a non-release version (aka the latest) of lightblue simply add an environment variable SNAPSHOT with a value of true to the app creation command:

rhc app create -e SNAPSHOT=true -a <YOUR APP NAME>

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