Saved Searches

Saved searches are predefined search requestes that are stored in the database. They can be run by providing necessary parameters.

Saved searches are stored as a regular database entity. To setup saved search support:

  • Edit the saved search metadata:

    • Change datastore information to specify where the saved searches are stored
    • Default saved search schema allows access for anyone, change that as necessary
    • Change the version of the saved search metadata
    • Set that version as the default version
    • Create the metadata in the database
  • Edit lightblue CRUD server configuration:

   "savedSearch" : {
   "controllers": [


  • entity: Name of the saved search entity, as defined in the saved search metadata
  • entityVersion: Version of the saved search entity. If omitted, default version is used
  • cacheConfig: Guava cache specification for the saved search cache

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